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Hi I'm Kate!

Otherwise known as "The Attribution Gal". I'm the puzzle loving data geek helping you cut through reporting overwhelm so you can focus on the metrics that truly move the needle. Here you’ll find the resources, mentoring and practical templates you need to make your most profitable marketing moves every day.

More About Me

demystifying data

Data can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

Marketing is NOT easy. We invest hours creating content for saturated platforms, popping dollars in the Facebook and Google ad slot machines while navigating the ever-changing macro environment (#thankscovid). Finally when we think we’re onto a strategy that works, an algorithm changes and the rug has been pulled out from under our feet! What worked for us before isn’t working for us now and we’re left feeling overwhelmed, scrambling to understand what happened to our formula. Was it our messaging? Our new Facebook campaigns? Or our new keyword strategy on Google?

We know to look to our data to find patterns in what’s working and what could be improved. But then we fall down the analysis paralysis rabbit hole...

What if I told you clarity could be closer than you think? With a simple marketing attribution system and a clear roadmap to discern the meaningful few metrics from the vast many vying for our attention along with a little expert support, you can feel confident knowing you’re making your most profitable decisions, every day.

Work with me

"That one small change you made for us to capture that data point completely redefined how we talk to and nurture our customers."
– Catheryn York, Marketing Manager

Work with me

Ready to make more profitable moves?

No matter your puzzle, theres a way to bring you clear visibility over the effectiveness of your strategies.

1:1 Mentoring

Let me set you up and watch you thrive with my signature, structured, data-driven marketing mentorship program crafted to your needs. Land with meaningful reports that help you measure the success of your strategies

Virtual CMO Consulting

Just need it done for you? Let me dive in, draw out the insights and serve them back to you in the form of quick win initiatives and a longer term project plan. I'll be the mentor you and your team need and that objective set of eyes to help provide the insights we don't always see.

Emergency insight calls

Just need someone to hash it out with you? Book me ad hoc or on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis for 1:1 consulting calls. We'll screenshare and work through your campaign data in real time so you walk away with fast, actionable insights to implement right away.

Let’s chat

Let's grab a virtual coffee

Not sure where to start? Book a no obligation 20 minute virtual coffee call with me. I'm confident that even if I can't solve your particular puzzle, I'll be able to connect you with someone who can.

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What people say

  • I engaged Kate to help expand our business intelligence, data analytics and digital marketing capabilities, and she did a stellar job! Kate's abilities to strategise an outcome, drill down into the detail, solve complex problems and think outside of the box led to an amazing result for our organisation. She's enthusiastic, positive, hardworking, accountable, and most of all she becomes truly invested - in ensuring the project is delivered as promised, and in ensuring the outcome delivers real value and meaning for the client. If you're after a martech expert, look no further!
    Rupert Partridge – URBNSURF
    Group Brand + Marketing Manager
  • I've found Kate to be an amazing collaborator for so many reasons...her ability to solve complex business problems quickly, the enthusiasm and positivity she brings to everything she does and her ability to speak fluent 'geek' & 'marketer' at the same time. But most of all, the reason I can confidently recommend Kate so highly for anyone seeking to work with her is because she commits herself to digging deep into the data, takes full responsibility for solving things, and never gives up until the job is done. And she is actually really fun to work with too!
    Jonathan Price – SouthSouthWest
    Managing Director
  • Kate is capable of delivering objective based Facebook marketing solutions and able to meet many client's requirements simultaneously. Kate is also incredibly adept at getting from A to B to launch campaigns and track results. 
    Andy Mackay – Facebook
    Product Marketing Manager
  • Kate is a true professional and has a solid understanding of what it takes to create thorough strategies and then manage the associated projects from inception through to completion. Her passion for the industry and dedication to a project ensures her clients achieve excellent ROIs.
    David Steel – Vivo Group
    Creative Director & Co-Founder
  • Covering the digital spectrum, Kate's driver to success is her unique ability to develop, explain and deliver the most complex of search, social and per-per-click strategy with great ease and clarity to any audience. I would highly recommend Kate as someone who is honest, confident, clear and passionate about delivering exceptional outcomes to her clients.
    Paul Holstein – Brandrally
    Creative Director & Founder
  • I've been lucky enough to have Kate as a mentor in an in house marketing role and agency side. Kate's enthusiasm is unrivalled and is dedicated to constantly improving herself, which leads to improved results for her clients, no matter the size or the complexity of the task at hand. Kate has expansive knowledge across all areas of the marketing discipline and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a mentor to guide them through their teams biggest challenges.
    Evan Lowden – Lowden Consulting
    Start Up & Growth Consultant