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Data can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

Marketing is NOT easy. We invest hours creating content for saturated platforms, popping dollars in the Facebook and Google ad slot machines while navigating the ever-changing macro environment (#thankscovid). Finally when we think we’re onto a strategy that works, an algorithm changes and the rug has been pulled out from under our feet! What worked for us before isn’t working for us now and we’re left feeling overwhelmed, scrambling to understand what happened to our formula. Was it our messaging? Our new Facebook campaigns? Or our new keyword strategy on Google?

We know to look to our data to find patterns in what’s working and what could be improved. But then we fall down the analysis paralysis rabbit hole...

What if I told you clarity could be closer than you think? With a simple marketing attribution system and a clear roadmap to discern the meaningful few metrics from the vast many vying for our attention along with a little expert support, you can feel confident knowing you’re making your most profitable decisions, every day.

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Hi I'm Kate!

Otherwise known as "The Attribution Gal". I'm the puzzle loving data geek helping you cut through reporting overwhelm so you can focus on the metrics that truly move the needle. Here you’ll find the resources, mentoring and practical templates you need to make your most profitable marketing moves every day.

"Looking back will only ever tell you whether the decisions you made yesterday, were good ones. Look back to look forward."
– Kate Cook

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