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We believe in building your team’s efficiency and capability first so that you only spend money on hiring agencies to fill the gaps.

That’s why we offer online learning modules and DIY team resources to help you execute on best practice digital. Then if you get stuck, or you want to take your business to the next level, you can hire our agency to help you fill the gaps.

The Academy

Our online academy shares the underlying principles that power our method. Learn all there is to know about best practice digital along with managing investment and the marketing mix effectively and holding teams accountable to the part they play in realising your strategic vision.

The Work Shop

Take your academy learnings to the next level by getting your hands on the practical workbooks, tools and reading material for you and your team, walking you through every step required to execute. Or book a 1:1 Consulting session and personalised audit with a member of our team.

Agency support

When you’ve implemented all you can with your improved capability and resources, we’ll jump in to fill the gaps. From digital campaign audits to data cleaning, systems design and commercial reporting, we’ll help you discern how to take your marketing mix to the next level.

Your digital marketing team

We’re a small, nimble and agile team that works only with organisations that take us on as partners.
When we work with you, we want to be part of your furniture. 

Kate Cook

Digital, Data & Systems Consultant

In 2007, Kate was given detention for finding a hack to get around the school website blocking system, encouraging her entire grade to join Facebook. Her first blog received over 1 million pageviews, an email audience of 20K and 150,000 social media shares in its first year. It was later recognised by SmartCompany as one of Australia’s Best Business Blogs.
She cut her teeth building AdWords campaigns, implementing SEO and managing social media campaigns until she moved to develop customer-journey mapped websites, content and marketing automation funnels. Kate’s implemented her methodology for effective digital as a consultant and at an executive level in client side roles. Now it’s her mission to educate brands on implementing accountability focused end-to-end digital marketing execution to achieve real results.

Evan Lowden

Digital Marketing Consultant

Evan is an experienced marketing professional with a passion for every piece of the marketing puzzle including performance marketing, e-commerce, automation, CRM, reporting, content, creative and more. In 2014 Evan helped to build an online store for dachshunds and their owners (Sausage Dog Central) which blossomed from humble beginnings to a worldwide phenomenon, operating out of Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.
Evan built a social community of nearly 2,000,000 followers for Sausage Dog Central before selling it to move into a role as a Digital Marketing Specialist where he managed performance marketing, lead funnels, automation and various brand and lead generation campaigns. When he’s not strategising or creating funnels Evan loves spending time with friends, family and his sausage dog Humphrey.

Book a 1:1 Consulting Call

Want agency secrets without the price tag? We offer consulting calls that help you gain clarity on what you need to focus on to get to the next level in your business.
Book a call. We’d love to chat.

Agency services

We’re here to help when you need an extra pair of hands, or the expertise to feel confident in your strategy.
Plus, when you come on board as one of our clients and get access to our entire knowledge base and the paid resources in our Work Shop, free!

Digital strategy

Do you have visibility on how your campaigns are forecasted to achieve your KPI’s? Is your marketing mix and investment split as effective as it could be? We’ll dive in, audit your campaign performance and present back actionable tips to improve campaign efficiency and manage ongoing optimisation. Or if you’re starting from scratch, we’ll scope your digital utopia from the very beginning.

Digital campaign design & execution

We’ll design your digital campaigns including digital advertising (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google AdWords, Google Display Network, YouTube Pre-roll), email marketing scoping, template design, automation and management, social media organic posts, website sales page builds and content marketing.

Build our campaign strategies with consideration to knowing your budget and forecasted goals. We determine the CPA’s and investment split according to the timeline (phased approach) and then model how they work together to achieve your forecasted revenue. 

That’s not intuition, that’s The Method. Our method for end-to-end accountability in digital marketing execution.

Systems architecture audits

We know that the key to creating a culture of empowerment and innovation starts with ensuring the tech stack works efficiently.

Whether you’re a start-up in need of brand-new infrastructure or an established business bogged down using archaic systems, we’ll get in and find you quick wins to improve your operational efficiency now while working towards realising your digital utopia. 

Data cleaning, tagging & integrations

Digital marketing can get messy and we love cleaning it up. With brands investing more in the acquisition of first and second party data, it’s become more important than ever to ensure good data hygiene practices. 

We’ll dive into your data, clean up your systems and hand it back to you tagged up and ready for your email automation and remarketing strategies while exploring ways to better leverage your data assets.

Kate is a truly dedicated digital strategist who is passionate about every aspect of the medium. Having worked with Kate on a number of different projects, I have witnessed her develop and action many successful projects/ campaigns all with outstanding results. Her ability to include and focus team members across multiple projects is an asset for anyone working with her. Kate is customer focused, revenue and results driven and expert at forming and maintaining relations, a quality highly valued by myself and my colleagues.

- Rush Pathak - Global Social Media Manager Tourism Tropical North Queensland

Covering the digital spectrum, Kate's driver to success is her unique ability to develop, explain and deliver the most complex of search, social and per-per-click strategy with great ease and clarity to any audience. I would highly recommend Kate as someone who is honest, confident, clear and passionate about delivering exceptional outcomes to her clients.

-Paul Holstein - Managing Director Brandrally

Kate is a true professional and has a solid understanding of what it takes to create thorough strategies and then manage the associated projects from inception through to completion. Her passion for the industry and dedication to a project ensures her clients achieve excellent ROIs.

-David Steel Creative Director Vivo Group


Built a social media of 1,941,000 followers (from 0) for Sausage Dog Central

% Decrease Cost Per Conversion

Decreased Domino's Australia Cost Per Conversion by 57%

% Increase in eCommerce Conversion Rate

Increased Subway Australia's eCommerce conversion rate by more than 350%

% Increase in YOY ROI

Increased year on year ROI for Bridge to Brisbane's yearly marathon by 541%

Our values

So you’ve met a lot of digital marketers in your time, what makes us different?
Our point of difference as digital marketing consultants starts with our integrity. We live “accountability in execution”; which means we take a lens of ensuring everything we do has practical and tangible outcomes for forecastable and measured bottom line impact.

Accountability in everything we do

We not only follow through on our promise but give you our specific plan for how we intend to get there.

We're scrappy but calculated

We know that real results come from taking action, not from talking about taking action. We’re a small, nimble and agile team that follows our nose to make quick decisions to get ahead of the pack. As quickly as we win, we know the value in failing fast. If something isn’t working, we’ll be the first to tell you when to pull it and offer a new solution.

We walk our talk

In fact, we spend most of our time fighting it so you see true innovation from what we do for you. We like surprising you and keeping you on your toes.

We want you to win

We know that the key to your success is in scaling as your business is ready to. We’re here to fill gaps in capability and resource when you have them and upskill you and your team to bring our services in house when it’s time to.

We collaborate with ambitious creative agencies and people who love measurement; we’d love to build something great together.