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LinkedIn Marketing in 2020
  -    -  LinkedIn Marketing in 2020

LinkedIn Marketing in 2020

Are you considering utilising LinkedIn as part of your branding or marketing efforts?

At the end of this Free Academy Lesson, you will learn:

  • The benefits of the platform
  • Tips to unlock the full potential of your profile
  • Understanding the LinkedIn algorithm
  • Tools to set up your outreach campaigns via LinkedIn on autopilot

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You can find a transcript of this lesson below.

A quick note

The following presentation will discuss optimisations for business profiles and personal profiles. Typically, both profile types are required to be managed and optimised as part of your LinkedIn strategy.

What is LinkedIn?

Straight from their website.

“LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet. You can use LinkedIn to find the right job or internship, connect and strengthen professional relationships, and learn the skills you need to succeed in your career”.

Why choose LinkedIn for marketing?

✅ Build your brand – LinkedIn can be used to build your company’s reputation as a thought leader. Join groups and share articles related to your niche or industry and build your brand as a leader.

✅ Lead generation – Once you build your brand, establishing yourself as a thought leader, LinkedIn users within your industry will have you at the forefront of their mind when they are considering hiring.

✅ Improved SEO – Sharing links via LinkedIn that link back to your website is a great way to give your website more authority.

Why choose LinkedIn for marketing?

✅ LinkedIn culture – LinkedIn is built for professionals and encourages networking and self-promotion. It is socially acceptable to post about your business achievements on LinkedIn in comparison to other social media platforms such as Facebook.

✅ Constructive feedback – LinkedIn has groups available to discuss new product ideas and to get feedback on your projects. Discussion is usually constructive due to the professional nature of the platform. Use the groups as an opportunity to receive valuable feedback on your work.

More LinkedIn marketing benefits

✅ Powerful filters – LinkedIn has a powerful filter option, making it easy to find the people that matter to your business. Choose from a broad range of search options including location, position title, company name, content and more to narrow your search.

✅ Ambassadors – LinkedIn can be a fantastic way to promote your business through your employees themselves, as brand ambassadors. If you foster a healthy workplace culture, your employees will be more likely to promote your business, providing positive exposure.

✅ Gain insights – Follow your competitors and thought leaders within your industry and discover ideas and report on problems they are/aren’t solving.

✅ Lead tracking – You can track if a lead or a previous customer has moved to another supplier, and you may discover why they didn’t convert. Use this information to continuously improve your offering.

How should I post my content?

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn’s goal is to keep you on LinkedIn (funny that?). We’ve distilled the top 3 ways to share your content on the platform.

Video – Video content is the content medium that is most favoured by the algorithm. Social Media Today discovered that LinkedIn users are 20 times more likely to share a video than other posts.
LinkedIn articles – We want users to visit our website, but on occasion, the algorithm will favour your account if you share an article you have written on LinkedIn. The algorithm doesn’t want you to leave the site and will reduce your reach if you continuously post articles outside of LinkedIn.

Image posts – Images typically result in a 2x higher comment rate according to LinkedIn. LinkedIn also stated that image collages usually perform well for organisations.

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Building and optimising your LinkedIn presence in 2020
#1 LinkedIn SEO

For your business development manager/directors, add in keywords related to your industry/business in your titles where possible and throughout your profile where possible. When users are searching for these key topics, much like SEO, you will be at the top of the rankings. See the below example for what shows when searching “creative agency Melbourne”.

Example of searching using LinkedIn

#2 Build your portfolio

Building your portfolio of previous projects/achievements is a tactic that can be undertaken, whether it’s your personal page or your business page. Showcase some of your best work, your latest products and provide some links out for further information so visitors can discover. Your portfolio will provide credibility for your brand and product offering.

Example of a LinkedIn portfolio

#3 Be active

Begin engaging with other professionals and within your network. Make an active effort, even if it’s 2 times a week to comment, like and share other people’s content. Don’t be too sporadic with your community engagement. The algorithm favours active, engaged users. Don’t share post sporadically, instead aim for one high-quality post per week at a minimum.

#4 Become a thought leader

Become a thought leader within your industry community and share articles, post thoughts, trends and other content. On LinkedIn, those within your industry care likely to be keen to hear about the latest projects, the latest news and continually push the narrative of how your business is pushing the boundaries and solving problems for your customers. Join groups and begin engaging with users and brand marketers in these groups to continue establishing yourselves as thought leaders.

#5 Connect with others

Connect with as many people who are in your target market or can provide value to your business as possible (where it makes sense to). If they accept, reach out to them with a thank you message, opening the opportunity for further conversation which will keep you front of mind for future work.

#6 Build your database

This tip follows on from tip #5. Utilise LinkedIn’s export feature. Unless your followers have opted out, you can download a list of your connections which includes a list of their email address they have used to sign up to the service. You can then use this data to communicate directly, or we can use it for digital marketing purposes as a 1st party customer list, or for data matching/lookalike audiences. The more people you connect with, the more data you have available.

#7 Customise your URL

A quick win. Customise the URL on your LinkedIn page by following this link. Default URLs usually have a variety of irrelevant numbers and letters and will not look professional on a business card or when sharing your URL.

Edit LinkedIin URL exampled

#8 Stop sending your profile viewers to your competitors

LinkedIn has a feature that allows users to visit other profiles which may be similar to you. This feature can redirect your profile viewers to your competitors which you can turn off in the privacy and settings section of your profile.

Remove suggested contacts example

#9 Showcase pages

Showcase pages are similar to subdomains on your website. They enable you to exhibit specific areas of your business such as a previous project or a particular niche of your product offering which can provide an opportunity for your community to connect with content that is more relevant to them.

#10 LinkedIn advertising

Consider choosing LinkedIn advertising as part of your overall marketing strategy. LinkedIn currently offers 3 advertising options. Similarly to other social media platforms, LinkedIn offers highly effective targeting functionality.

Sponsored InMail: This is a paid placement in your target markets LinkedIn inbox. These are only delivered when users are active, encouraging a higher open rate.

Text ads: These appear on the LinkedIn home page and throughout other areas of the sites including search pages and groups and are served on a CPC and CPM basis.

Sponsored content posts: Similarly to Facebook news feed ads, these appear in your newsfeed and can be a variety of mediums such as links, video and imagery.

#11 Do the basics
  • Add a mobile-friendly cover photo and profile photo
  • Write a relevant keyword-rich bio which introduces you or your company appropriately
  • Provide up to date location and contact details
  • Integrate LinkedIn social share icons to your website pages where relevant
Automated LinkedIn outreach

There are several tools available that can help manage and then automate the LinkedIn outreach process.

LinkedIn offers a sales navigator tool which allows you to build a database of people who are relevant to your target audience through job titles, demographic (amongst other measures) information and then provides suggested connections based on those users.

Example of the LinkedIn sales navigator tool

Once we have a database built, we can then utilise a paid automated tool to manage our LinkedIn outreach. A cheaper tool such as Linkedhelper allows users to automatically send responses/welcome messages to new connections, those within groups, those who visit your profile, auto endorsements to new connections amongst a range of other features. Prices for this tool start at just $8.25USD per month on an annual plan.

More expensive, in-depth tools offer similar functionality that also provides a CRM tool and the ability to automate the lead management process for LinkedIn leads entirely. We recommend a tool such as Zopto. Below you can see an overview of their LinkedIn CRM.

Screenshot of Zopto Automation tool

  1. LinkedIn is built for professionals and encourages networking and self-promotion. It is socially acceptable on this platform to discuss your businesses and personal achievements.
  2. Similarly to other digital platforms, focus on creating high quality, engaging content, and the algorithm will reward your effort.
  3. Consider utilising LinkedIn advertising as part of your marketing efforts. Particularly if you are trying to target audiences, the other platforms can’t target as effectively.
  4. Automation tools are available to help support your marketing efforts and on the lower scale are affordable, considering the features available.

If you want further assistance on growing your LinkedIn profile – enquire with us today!

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