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Drive more website traffic with Pinterest
  -    -  Drive more website traffic with Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing: Drive more website traffic through this emerging platform

Not sure whether Pinterest is the right strategy for your marketing calendar?

At the end of this Free Academy Lesson, you will learn:

  • The benefits of the platform
  • Whether your business could benefit from a Pinterest marketing strategy (or if you should avoid Pinterest)
  • Understanding the Pinterest algorithm
  • Tips for implementing your Pinterest marketing strategy

Happy learning 🤓

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What is Pinterest?

From their website.

“Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more. With billions of pins on Pinterest, you’ll always find ideas to spark inspiration”.

Why choose Pinterest?
  • Pinterest can be a fantastic referral traffic driver for organisations who stock products that are highly visual and align with the “culture” of Pinterest.
  • Studies have shown that the path to purchase for consumers from Pinterest is shorter when compared to other platforms.
  • Improved SEO – Sharing links via Pinterest that link back to your website is a great way to give your site more authority.
  • The average user spends at least 14 minutes per session on Pinterest. The Pinterest algorithm is like mini arcade games on your mobile, HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!
  • If you’re time-poor, it can integrate with the other social media giants to save time on posting.
  • Customer insights, discover en emerging market, get feedback on your products and discover feedback from your competitors.
  • Two-thirds of content saved to Pinterest comes from brands themselves. Consumers are more open and keen to form relationships with brands on the platform.

Stats provided by Pinterest.

Why NOT choose Pinterest for marketing?

❌ If the product you’re selling targets males (think sports gambling); however, male users are the fastest-growing demographic, so don’t ignore this audience).

❌ The product you sell isn’t visually appealing and is unlikely to be shared by Pinterest users.

❌ If you don’t have the resources to be consistent, similarly to other marketing platforms, you need to be consistent and be willing to be patient for results with Pinterest. Don’t stretch yourself too thin across marketing platforms. Get more resources, or wait it out until you’re ready.

How does the algorithm work?

Pinterest is primarily a visual search engine that also acts as a bulletin board, where users can organise and save their searches to different boards. The algorithm that shows the feed to the user works off a range of factors, including the following:

Domain quality – With a business account, the better quality your domain is the higher you will rank in the search. Claim your URL in your business account to get it verified.
Engagement – The more users zoom in, click, look at a pin, the higher it will rank. You don’t necessarily need to have someone repin it for improved impressions.

SEO – This is discussed in more detail later in the presentation. Similarly to SEO tactics, ensure your content and headings have keywords users are likely to search.

How do I become a Pinterest marketing wizard?!
#1 Pinterest SEO

Pinterest search visibility does have many resemblances to how SEO works (you can learn more about that here). Ensure most pins include a headline that mirrors highly searchable keywords, or keywords that answer/solve your ideal customer’s problem.

In the section area, consider adding in keywords into the copy where providing greater detail about your product.

#2 Influencer marketing

When you can’t get it organically, and you don’t want to pay for it – leverage it!

Identifying partnerships with key thoughts leaders showcasing your content will instantly bolster presence.
There is an opportunity to join collaboration boards. Collaboration boards typically have a higher number of followers, and therefore, pins ‘pinned’ to collaboration boards typically generate more reach.

#3 Paid pins

When you can’t get it organically, and you do want to pay for it, use it!

For improved reach beyond organic tactics, promoted pins can be explored.
Similarly to other social media advertisement channels, Pinterest has a powerful targeting tool, with the ability to set up custom conversions. We can measure by the dollar the effectiveness of our campaigns.

#4 High-quality content

Pinterest is a visual search engine. The images/content you post will be what generates the clicks more than anything else. Invest in high-quality content that fits in with the Pinterest culture. You can always use the content you have curated on other platforms and cut it up even further.

You can learn more about that here.

#5 Easily shareable

When setting up your website, ensure that your content can be pinned directly from the user’s mobile device with a “pin it” button. Setting pin it buttons is an evergreen tactic; once set up, it’s done and can be a quick win in getting you started on your Pinterest journey.

#6 Build a community

Set up your profile and manage it in a community-friendly manner. Engage with other users, repin thought leaders and smaller accounts content, comment on others posts, reply to others, post frequently and be authentic.

#7 Build, test, optimise

It’s the same strategy we use on all digital marketing platforms, but it’s so important we will repeat it.

Test out new pieces of content. Try sharing product photos and if they are failing pivot and begin testing infographics or how-to guides and see if results improve. See the results in your Pinterest analytics dashboard and always optimise your content based on trends.

#8 Utilise “Rich Pins”

Utilising code added into your website from Pinterest, Rich Pins will continually update product or content information from the website in real-time. Using Rich Pins means you don’t need to regularly update your pins to update product information, which will save you significant amounts of time.

*This process does require additional approval from Pinterest.

Who uses Pinterest?

👩 60% of new registrations to Pinterest are female

🔋 Users have a buying power of 211, over double when compared to other internet sites

💸 40% of users have a combined household salary of $100,000 (USD)

👧🏽 67% are under the age of 40

🛒 93% of Pinterest users are already considering purchasing

Stats provided by Internet Marketing Inc and Pinterest.


Pinterest has a highly engaged audience who are more receptive to brands than other social media platforms.

The platform is suited for businesses who can offer highly visual, creative content that fits in with the Pinterest culture.

The Pinterest algorithm works similarly to major search engines such as Google. To achieve high rankings, focus on relevant keywords and high-quality, engaging content.

Users have more disposable cash and are typically female.

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