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Foolproof Funnel Mapping Blueprint


So you think you’ve implemented a high performing sales funnel? What if we told you you could 10K the ROI on your sales funnel? We’re sharing our digital marketing agency secrets with you so you can do just that! The trick? Aligning your digital advertising funnel to your email marketing funnel.

But where do you even start? By understanding the funnel opportunities available on those platforms and developing a cracking messaging strategy that converts – and that’s exactly what this workbook will leave you with.

At the end of this workbook, you will have a clear understanding of:

  • The strategy behind why we run digital marketing campaigns (and why they work to drive the highest possible digital conversion rates)
  • Our foolproof funnel mapping method; the key components that make up a funnel and how it fits into your digital marketing strategy
  • The funnel mapping blueprint + worksheets to guide you through crafting your messaging, channel and call to action strategy – all set for implementation!



This workbook contains 33 value-packed pages filled with the digital marketing theory, question prompts and structured worksheets that will leave you with a foolproof funnel strategy for execution across your digital advertising and email marketing campaigns.


Building a sales funnel; the theory & why it works

Our Funnel Mapping Method

2 x Funnel Mapping Worksheets

Execution principles


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