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Are you confident you’re making profitable marketing moves?

With so much content out there promising silver-bullet tactics to “10X your ROI”, why haven’t you hit target?

Are you confident you’re making right moves for your business?

This EOFY REALLY matters (#thankscovid).
It’s not a time to waste budget on things that won’t move the needle.
So what’s your lack of reporting visibility really costing you?
A survey we conducted last month to business owners, executives and marketing leaders brought light to some scary truths.
📈  85% of respondents said they have not mapped their customer journey
📈  2.2% believe they’re executing highly personalised marketing with 37% saying they have “limited” personalisation set up (i.e. a little bit of remarketing) and 26% noting “very limited” set ups
📈 A whopping 64% of respondents labelled their current reporting dashboards as a 5/10 or below
📈 Over 60% of respondents put a market opportunity and product performance dashboard on their wishlist
📈 Finally, more than 50% of respondents cited “systems issues” as being the cause for the lack of visibility with “no budget” and “other priorities” coming in close second

What if you could future-proof your team’s ability to hit targets next financial year?

What if you could bring the visibility and confidence to your team and stakeholders via meaningful reporting that facilitates better decision making?

What if we said you could do it no matter your budget or martech stack?

We know the power of meaningful Marketing Mix Attribution, Channel Attribution and Market Opportunity Insight Reporting. It’s not only the opportunity to innovate quickly, acquire additional market share and speed up growth but also an insurance policy to protect your current market share as new competitors inevitably enter your market.

We develop data leaders.


Data leadership: noun
Working with data to measure the size of problems and opportunities and maintain integrity and accountability in ideating data driven solutions. 

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Join us for free live training session at 4pm, Jun 23rd  “Get set for FY21 with data”

What you’ll learn: 
    1. Our marketing mix attribution formula that helps you
      (a) benchmark past / current performance; and
      (b)  brings visibility to channel performance for improved decision making
    2. Measuring the gaps between where you are and where you need to be (current vs. future state)
    3. How to forecast the impact of changes & ensure accountability to delivery
    4. How to win over your boss with your new strategy
Plus, we’ll give you a BI Excel and Google Sheets template to get you started.

We help ambitious data-led organisations and all people who love measurement. Want to learn more about what makes us tick?